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Exploring the Power of Colour

Today, companies are looking to create increasingly human-centric spaces, inspired by the growing popularity of designing for wellness. One key aspect of designing for wellness that is particularly interesting is colour.

Colour affects the design and personality of a space. If we delve into Colour Psychology—which is the study of how colours affect human behaviour, mood and other psychological processes—it is proven that colour can influence our buying choices, our feelings and even our memories.

Take reds, for instance. They are said to stimulate a powerful response from people, increasing their mental energy and metabolism. While blue calms and relaxes, reducing stress in the workplace.

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People are now expecting more contentment in their lives and it’s no surprise that wellness in the workplace is a trend on the rise. Post pandemic, employees expect a flexible workspace designed to stir collaboration and stimulate ideas.

Hence why we’re seeing an increase in spaces designed to enhance health and wellbeing while still meeting practical and business-relevant demands.

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Why colour choice matters


When designing or refurbishing a space, the consideration of colour can have transformative results.

Consider using blue in well-lit environments. Blue helps improve productivity and alertness, creating workspaces that welcome employees and stimulate their minds. Its calming yet stimulating nature is ideal for busy offices and transport hubs, creating a sensation of space.

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Think red for restaurants, hotels and other leisure venues. Its association with passion and opulence heightens the impression of intimacy and luxury. But that’s not all. Red also incites people to action, making it a bold accent colour for modern and forward-thinking office and retail spaces.

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Most prominently found in nature, the colour green helps sooth and restore. Its positive energy enables an encouraging atmosphere, giving the green light to future success in education and retail while also behaving as a totem colour to healthcare and recovery.

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Let’s not forget the positivity of yellow, the perfect eye-catching colour to highlight creative and uplifting spaces. Used sparingly, the warmness and happiness of yellow will illuminate retail and leisure spaces alike.

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Make a lasting impression with black to provide sophistication and elegance.Hospitality and retail spaces will benefit from a dim ambiance to create an intimate atmosphere. When you enhance the darkness, you emphasise the light—creating a powerful contrast that puts focus where it needs to be, and transform the conventional into a high-end, modern look.

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As wellness continues to grow in importance as a defining factor in building and interior design, there is a great opportunity to refocus and analyse how we design more holistic, colourful spaces to enhance end user comfort, wellbeing, and productivity.

Knauf Ceiling Solutions offers a diverse range of mineral, metal, mesh, wood and wood wool materials to face every design or architectural challenge.

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