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Lively Inspiring

HERADESIGN® Alpha+ —a perfect synergy of sound-absorbing wood wool ceiling and wall solutions— brings more acoustics, sustainability, and design options. Increased performance and efficiency enable the creation of pleasant room acoustics.

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HERADESIGN® Alpha+ Benefits

Optimised Acoustics & Ease of Installation

HERADESIGN® Alpha+ provides an improved sound absorption performance compared to a standard panel with up to Class A sound absorption, without increasing the tile thickness. A thinner product means better handleability on the job site. It provides the highest absorption without the use of mineral wool insulation material.

Lower Carbon Footprint

In addition to being made of naturally-sourced materials, a zero-waste product process and offering easy recyclability, the new twice-thinner HERADESIGN® Alpha+ allows for more efficient packaging and transportation. This simple improvement helps us divide the number of on-site transport, thus preventing tons of CO₂ emissions in the atmosphere.

Design Flexibility

Matching the trends for natural materials, HERADESIGN® Alpha+ is designed with ease of installation, maintenance and recycling in mind.

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Standing for Consistent Sustainability


Made of natural and responsibly-sourced materials, HERADESIGN® Alpha+ effectively contributes to creating sustainable, livable spaces.

As far back as 2017, Knauf Ceiling Solutions started to intensify using a zero-waste production process and introduced a closed-loop production method.

As a result, alongside other panels of the HERADESIGN® range, the new HERADESIGN Alpha+ product line reduces the volume to transport via truck or containership by half.

Thanks to its thinner acoustic fleece lamination, HERADESIGN® Alpha+ contributes to effective CO₂ footprint reduction. 

Furthermore, our groundbreaking process recovers the binding agent material in the panels at the state-of-the-art Ferndorf site in Austria.

Since then, reclaimed production residues from panel manufacturing have been recycled back into production. This in-plant recycling process also works without limitation with the new HERADESIGN® Alpha+ fleece lamination.

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Just like the entire Knauf Ceiling Solutions HERADESIGN® range, HERADESIGN® Alpha+ stands for consistent sustainability. 

When it comes to sustainable building, HERADESIGN® Alpha+ acoustic panels have a lifespan of several decades, thereafter, they are easily recycled.

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A trendsetting Colour Palette


With bold and long-lasting colours, architects not only impact the design of a room but will inspire and add a new dimension to interiors. Combining aesthetics and high product performance, our acoustic solutions help create relaxing, beautiful spaces that help boost our health and wellbeing. Our vast choice of edge details, shapes, dimensions and colours help architects create spaces everyone can enjoy with their eyes and ears.

Taking part in the latest design trends, Knauf Ceiling Solutions curated a new palette Vario Design of eight vibrant hues, peeking at elemental influences on wellbeing and nature for its core inspiration.

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Granite, steel, green marble, copper, oak, sandstone, brass and concrete, natural elements or refined ones, all carved and revealed in their natural beauty by craftsmanship.

Colour affects all aspects of the design, theme, and personality of a building, making an interior space visually striking. You can achieve this by choosing from the multitude of coloured solutions available from Knauf Ceiling Solutions.