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Mineral Project Showcase

A Treasure Trove
of Architectural Inspiration

Architects and designers are constantly seeking inspiration to create stunning spaces that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Our latest MINERAL Project Showcase is an inspirational testimony to Knauf Ceiling Solutions' commitment to excellence in the field of mineral ceiling tiles or baffles and canopies floating solutions. This beautifully curated booklet features a collection of the company's finest projects across various segments, including offices, schools, retail spaces, leisure facilities, and hospitality venues.

Unveiling Boundless Creativity


Within the pages of the MINERAL Project Showcase, the company unravels a tapestry of imagination and ingenuity. Architects and designers will discover a rich assortment of projects that prove the versatility and visual appeal of mineral ceiling solutions. Each project has been meticulously selected to display different segments of the industry, serving as a valuable resource for professionals seeking inspiration and innovative answers to design challenges.

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Diverse Applications


The brochure encompasses an array of projects that highlight the transformative power of Knauf Ceiling Solutions' mineral ceiling tiles and floating elements across all sectors. Within the realm of workspaces, architects can delve into a world of inspiring designs that promote productivity and enhance wellbeing. The education segment unveils innovative solutions tailored for learning environments, where acoustic performance and aesthetics take center stage. Retail spaces burst with life through captivating ceiling designs that leave customers enthralled, while leisure and hospitality projects encapsulate the transformative power of mineral solutions in creating immersive and inviting atmospheres.

Enduring Quality and Sustainability


Knauf Ceiling Solutions' commitment to excellence goes beyond aesthetics. The selected projects not only exemplify remarkable design but also underline the company's dedication to sustainability and durability. The mineral ceiling tiles used in these projects are designed to contribute to healthier indoor environments while reducing environmental impact.

The MINERAL Project Showcase is a compendium of design inspiration for architects and designers in various segments. Through a diverse range of projects, this brochure gives a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of mineral ceiling tiles, enabling professionals to create remarkable spaces that harmonize beauty and functionality.

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